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Or maybe this is the kind of strategy that they make to a client to made more deposits. To do this, I deposited 60,000 USD on March 4 – 29, 2019 and that money comes from my loan to bank, borrowed from my friends, and selling my property whose stagnant and not earning. From all the possible means I made and I collected such a huge amount and do whatever they instruct me. The 100% Insurance promotion covers losses on trades opened on the day the promotion is valid, likely on select major economic news releases. It is important to note that funds recovered are treated as a bonus and not as deposited capital.

Though Market Solutions LTD, the owner of Umarkets, is registered as an International Business Company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Umarkets remains an unregulated brokerage entity.

That’s insane and it goes even higher if you receive bonuses above certain amounts. Plus, they may close your account if you choose to withdraw your deposit before completing the bonus requirements. Umarkets is trying to operate with at least a veneer of respectability, registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines and supervised by IFMRRC.

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However, they robbed me without my consent. They said they would compensate in the beginning of deposit but after they robbed me they did not even care if I was their customer. They are the worst people without any compassion. I would like to complain against these people. Can anyone help me proper legal way to sue them and bring this scammers down? Trading is a lot, you can make a lot of money from it and as well lose a lot, some company get it right and some get it wrong quickrecoveryhub .

Is Umarkets a legit company?

It remains registered and compliant as an “International Business Company,” however, that should not be confused with regulation as a brokerage. Umarkets satisfies all requirements as stipulated by the business registrar of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and, therefore, is a legit company.

I wanted to download a book which they were advertising – cheap marketing trick, and the book turned out to be a superficial garbage. For that they demand you to enter your name, email and phone number which leads to automatic registering on their website, and there is no way to deactivate your account. The Education Center adds tremendous value for new traders. The MT4 trading platform is available as a basic version only, without necessary upgrades. The published spread table reveals the broker’s full environment. Users caught spamming or abusing will be deleted from the site and prohibited from future registration at and affiliates.

I’m happy for the opportunity to review…

They always withdraw profits on time, but sometimes you have to wait up to 7 days. I have been trading on Umarkets for a long time and have already got used to this broker. You would agree that it’s difficult to get used to bad things, especially when the choice is very large, wouldn’t you?

umarkets review

Right now, the company is offering new and existing clients a 30% welc … We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. Stay tuned, as we may expand this list with additional brokers in the future.

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Not seeing anything yet direct “wow”, but everything is stable and clear. We at BrokerChooser want to keep you and your investments safe. In these articles, we present some brokers that we found not to be good options. Hopefully, with these articles, we also give you tools to be vigilant and recognize the warning signs when trying to find the right online broker for yourself. The good news is that there is help available.

A welcome addition is the availability of 16 cryptocurrency pairs. The commodity choice is limited to nine CFDs. Cross-asset diversification exists through 141 equity and 17 index CFDs. A total of 253 assets across five sectors allows retail traders to manage a diversified portfolio with plenty of trading opportunities. Swap rates on leveraged overnight positions apply. Only negative charges are mentioned, and it is unclear how positive ones are processed.

  • They have the best crew inside and they have filipinos as well so they are very easy to talk too also.
  • They became so rude and stopped calling and also stopped responding to my messages and finally blocked my account.
  • From that I was curious why should I can’t make my withdrawal since I have sufficient free margin which I whom and compare to any broker whom I participated with whatever available I can withdraw it anytime.
  • This means that when you open an account with $5 000 dollars, Umarkets will add to your account another $1 500 dollars.

The process to open an account can be started from links on the company homepage. It is an easy process and starts with a short online registration form that must be completed with some basic information such as the traders personal details. The broker is equipped with a team of market experts to provide traders with analytics, market forecasts, and numerous trading strategies. From situation, my expert is no were to be found and never have communication with him until in May 2019 upon login my account on their platform I found out that my account is negative or wipe out. I was then nervous and said to myself I was scam by UMARKETS.

It’s already my 4th month and I have been receiving non stop calls and notifications from these banks. If this will continue, I might lose my Job because these banks will pursue me thru my company and that will cause a negative image to the institution. Please I don’t want to lose my job because of this. Deposit is easy and can be done by wire, credit card or eWallet. Payments are safe but the time it takes for funds to appear on your account is not specified . The minimum deposit is $500 and the minimum withdrawal is $50.

Like what the hell, you are the excited one trying to convince me to invest and trade now?. So I asked to give me time to think by tomorrow. I think I would give a NO tomorrow after reading all these reviews. Umarkets’ consultant first showed good profits on one platform, then advised for another platform promising sure and bigger profits.


As we found on the Umarkets website, the broker is registered with the Financial Commission under the number IBC 2017. The choice fell on supermarkets, because advertising on the Internet of this broker is everywhere. As soon as I completed the training course, I decided to switch to real trading and check whether everything works in this service. Like the beginning of all work out, not the first time of course, but here again to help prisholili managers.

umarkets review

Umarkets gets a lot of complaints dating back to the companies found in 2014. The complaints are all centred around money and how bonus ties up profits, account balances disappear and access to accounts are denied. To their credit, Umarkets tries to address the complaints but there are no signs of resolution in the forums I visited. The Forex broker Umarkets review used to ensure the traders in the reliability of the broker they are going to deal with. So, every trader should read all the testimonials about the future business partner first before registering an account there.

Finally, a 30% first-time deposit bonus is available. It is essential to remember that all bonuses and promotions have strict terms and conditions. I agree, Umarkets is more suitable for traders with experience and it gives you bonuses easily, which are great for maintaining margins.

WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. The money I invest is from my farmer parents. I have opened an account 3 months ago but changed my mind due to their banking practices. They refuse until today to refund the amount I have placed with the umarkets review account. The agent “Fabian” is claiming I have to trade first. Also because not any of my e-mails requesting clarification has been answered. If anyone has experience how to push them to pay my money back would appreciate your comment.

Four distinct bonuses and promotions are available. Some traders are equipped with Autochartist, a tool that assists manual traders in locating trading opportunities. It would be helpful if Umarkets could provide more information on its capability without requiring that a trader sign in to their account. While Autochartist is a valuable tool, traders can achieve a similar or superior service with MT4 and appropriate third-party add-ons. The Mini account does not grant traders access to all account features. Traders need to deposit $5,000 to gain access to the Standard account, where all features are available.

More transparency in this essential process is required. Bonuses impact the availability to withdraw profits. Interested traders need to consider this before accepting them. Some traders will benefit from them, while others will find the stipulations burdensome. Umarkets is fully transparent about the rules, allowing traders to make an informed decision. The Umarkets Forex trading broker analysis section offers users a ton of useful information from the well-known trading instructors and analysts in the industry.

There’s only one criterion for a broker in my opinion, and it’s whether it is honest or a scammer. Trading terms are good, and spreads satisfy me. I would have reduced the minimum deposit (now it’s $500), but the broker knows best. The platform features many automated analysis tools making trading convenient. They offer a personal expert, a unique service that is also very helpful.

And it was worth it of course, even though I didn’t plan to withdraw money earlier than after half a year of work. Where else would you make 30% in three months?! Although, if you’re a newbie and insecure regarding your abilities, think twice. Good trading conditions, bonuses, demo account.

Umarkets asks for the full name, location, phone number, e-mail address, and password creation. It will grant access to the back office, where verification is required. Per AML/KYC requirements, a copy of the trader’s ID and one proof of residency documents need to be forwarded. The process is in line with the industry standard.

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